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Advanced recycling project

We are living in a climate alert, and the global consequences are extremely worrying. Major changes are needed in the environmental burden caused by a production model based on fossil fuels.

There are data that are indicators of how we are evolving towards a more environmentally sustainable model. One of them is: what do we do with waste, do we treat it in an integrated way and do we take advantage of and make the most of the material characteristics of this waste? We would like to say yes, but we do not. At We Are Lab we look for obvious solutions to impossible futures. We investigate solutions to avoidable problems.

In 2020 we received a Sustainable Development grant – thanks to the support of Alcudiamar – and environmental researcher M. Masmiquel discovered by cross-checking data and statistics that only a very low percentage of all plastic packaging was recycled, but also without access to information on its final destination, and without traceability there is no guarantee.

We have a lot at stake, we need a local system to be able to transform this inefficient way of dealing with what is a problem (waste plásticos) and transform it into a solution and by manufacturing new recycled materials, directly into filaments for 3D additive printing, which is the future of local production.

We have developed a comprehensive system to convert plastic waste into filaments for 3D printing, locally and with a global vision.

Together we can all make a difference. Science, engineering and environmental awareness.

Will you join us?


We care about being coherent and protecting the territory where we live, that’s why we support environmentally responsible projects, such as PLASTIC HERO. Most plastics can be recycled but are incinerated, mainly because the waste management model is inefficient.

PLASTIC HERO collects plastic caps (HDPE) and PET bottles (the transparent ones) and transforms this resource into filaments for 3D printing. Agromart collaborates with the town councils of Artà and Alcúdia in this beautiful project.

If you want to collaborate, you can leave your caps and bottles at the Agromart in Artà and Puerto de Alcúdia.

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