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marine regeneration

Nereidas is a marine biodiversity regeneration service in commercial ports and marinas using 3D printed artificial reefs.

NereidasThis project has included an experimental and observational study in the Balearic Islands. The R&D&I phase has been carried out with the support of the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies-CSIC-UIB, the Balearic Islands Port Authority, Serpro-Sub, Bioplastic Lab of the University of Alicante, Circle Carbon, BCN3D, Basf Forward AM, among others.

The core of the project has focused on the experimental design of a modular artificial reef system using 3D additive printing technology and different low carbon footprint recycled materials as facilitating structures for the planting of oceanic posidonia in harbours, including recycled PLA and biochar.

The project has already implemented a positive Experimental Proof of Concept, is under the scientific direction of IMEDEA specialists and has attracted interest from several ports as well as scientists from UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

The Nereidas: marine regeneration project has been awarded the Ports 4.0 public grant, associated with Puertos del Estado and the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. Ports 4.0 is an open innovation model adopted by Puertos del Estado and the Spanish Port Authorities to facilitate the application of talent to the public and private logistics-port sector in the 4th industrial revolution.

Based on the evidence observed, we have seen that successful planting of marine phanerogams in anthropised areas can be promoted. All this allows for an improvement in harbour waters, reducing pollution and increasing marine biodiversity. The project includes the underwater installation of the reef and planting with endemic aquatic plant species, in particular Posidonia oceanica.

With 3D printing, applied engineering and marine science we can do a lot for the health of the sea. This applied research has given us the guidelines for the science we need for the ocean we want. It has been selected as one of the 101 Business Examples of #PorElClima 2021 actions (Spanish Office for Climate Change, Fundación Biodiversidad and ECODES), has received recognition from Balearic entities such as Connect Up and the Círculo de Economía de Mallorca. In short: Nereidas is now open to all interested ports and continues its research work, as planting posidonia brings enormous environmental benefits in the current context of climate crisis.

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